Petrol, Diesel Prices Today, November 20: No change in fuel prices for 17th consecutive day, check prices in your city


New Delhi: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has released new prices of petrol and diesel today. After a month of continuous increase in the prices of petrol and diesel, the prices have remained stable this month. Petrol in the national capital today costs Rs 103.97 per liter while diesel costs Rs 86.67 per liter today.

The government announced a reduction of Rs 5 per liter on petrol and Rs 10 per liter on diesel a day before Diwali. The price of petrol has remained almost constant since the announcement of the government. Let us tell you that in many cities including UP, gas is being available for less than Rs 100 per liter.

The central government reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel, resulting in this reduction. In addition, state governments in many jurisdictions have reduced prices at their own level. For example, in Uttar Pradesh, diesel has declined by Rs 12-12.

Petrol, diesel price as on 20 November 2021

>> Delhi: Petrol Rs 103.97 and Diesel Rs 86.67 per liter

>> Mumbai: Petrol Rs 109.98 and Diesel Rs 94.14 per liter

>> Chennai: Petrol Rs 101.40 and Diesel Rs 91.43 per liter

>> Kolkata: Petrol Rs 104.67 and Diesel Rs 89.79 per liter

>> Sri Ganganagar: Petrol Rs 114.01 and Diesel Rs 98.39 per liter

Petrol and diesel below Rs 100 in these cities

>> Port Blair: Petrol Rs 82.96 and Diesel Rs 77.13 per liter

>> Noida: Petrol Rs 95.51 and Diesel Rs 87.01 per liter

>> Itanagar: Petrol Rs 92.02 and Diesel Rs 79.63 per liter

>> Chandigarh: Petrol Rs 94.23 and Diesel Rs 80.9 per liter

>> Aizawl: Petrol Rs 94.26 and Diesel Rs 79.73 per liter

>> Lucknow: Petrol Rs 95.28 and Diesel Rs 86.8 per liter

>> Shimla: Petrol Rs 95.78 and Diesel Rs 80.35 per liter

>> Panaji: Rs 96.38 and diesel Rs.

87.27 per liter

>> Gangtok: Rs 97.7 and diesel Rs 82.25 per liter

>> Ranchi: 98.52 and diesel Rs 91.56 per liter

>> Shillong: Rs 99.28 and diesel Rs 88.75 per liter

>> Dehradun: Rs 99.41 and diesel Rs 87.56 per liter

>> Daman: Rs 93.02 and diesel Rs 86.9 per liter

The price of petrol and diesel changes every day at 6 am. The new tariffs will be effective from 6 a.m. When you take into account excise duty, dealer fee and other costs, the price of gasoline and diesel nearly doubles.

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