Patiala brings down Capt: How Amarinder lost home advantage after collusion with Congress

The first thing that strikes you upon arrival at Moti Bagh Palace, the royal residence of the Captain in Patiala, is the emptiness. When Amarinder Singh was the Chief Minister of Punjab, a police force was seen in the palace. Huge barricades made the mansion inaccessible and almost the entire street leading up to it was sealed off. That’s all changed. Now the palace is easy to reach and only two policemen were guarding it.

The only royal residence in the Captain’s Citadel is not showing change. As roamed the streets of a city with a mix of urban and rural voters, it became clear that the former chief minister was facing tough times. Qila Road Patiala is dotted with shops selling the trademark phulkari work and juttis. Gathering his belongings, Hardeep Singh tells, “The Captain did not work for Patiala for almost four years. Yet we kept on voting for him. There are sentimental reasons. But now that he has left the Congress, there is no point in voting for him. What could that be of use to us?”

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Jaspreet Singh agrees. “I think the captain made a mistake. He should have stayed with the Congress. I don’t think many people here will vote for him. Sidhu has an advantage. He is from here and he is raising the right issues and no one else.” Can’t accuse him of corruption.Have you ever seen you or the Akalis accusing him of corruption?

It is clear that the Congress wants to use this anger or opinion to oust Amarinder. The only apprehension in the party is whether the Captain will harm him by riding on the repeal of agricultural laws. Punjab elections are no longer a straight fight. The Akalis are not completely down and out. The Bharatiya Janata Party may not be a big contender but has regained some land in urban areas. Aam Aadmi Party is moving ahead and hoping for victory. Congress may be divided but still presents a safe bet for many. Many people are not fascinated by Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi as they think he is just a rubber stamp. The presence of four secretaries in-charge from Delhi in the state has increased this perception further. In Patiala, it seems that the Chief Minister has nothing. Jaspreet Singh says, “He is a good man but weak.” “We Sardars like our leaders to be strong. The same thing worked for Capt. This is something that can come in handy for Sidhuji. He takes his own CM and party for his agenda.

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The opening innings was not good for the captain in Patiala. Firstly, his wife who is an MP from here has been given a disciplinary notice by the Congress and there is a possibility that she may eventually resign. And Amarinder Singh faced an embarrassing moment when he was barred from entering the municipal council office to express support for his mayor. To some, it feels like a dress rehearsal for the days to come.

Patiala has given its name to the famous Patiala Khunti. History says that the whiskey giant was made by the then Maharaja Bhupinder Singh to ensure that the British lost a cricket match. It worked. Since then Patiala has also become synonymous with clever politics of existence. The last time Captain formed his Akali Panthi party after the Blue Star scandal, his bail was forfeited. This time too the competition could be equally tough. And the Patiala peg may have to be refilled.

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