Pakistan’s Aggressive Gesture Sparks Outrage In India vs Pakistan U19 Asia Cup Clash

The anticipated match between India and Pakistan in the Under-19 Asia Cup 2023 today witnessed intense moments both on and off the field. The game showcased heated confrontations, with a particular incident drawing significant attention on social media platforms.

During the match, Pakistani bowler Mohammad Zeeshan’s actions stirred controversy when he dismissed Indian batsman Rudra Patel. Zeeshan’s aggressive gestures towards Rudra, reminiscent of punching actions, have been circulating widely on social media. These images have sparked widespread online criticism and trolling aimed at the Pakistani bowler.

Take a look:

Despite the provocation, Rudra Patel maintained composure and didn’t react to Zeeshan’s actions. Zeeshan’s conduct, coming close to Rudra and making punching motions, has drawn varied reactions from users online, escalating the already charged environment of India-Pakistan cricket matches.

Pakistan’s victory over India by 8 wickets in the Under-19 Asia Cup match, held in Dubai, showcased a thrilling competition. India, batting first, scored 259 runs, losing 9 wickets in 50 overs. Pakistan, in response, achieved the target with 2 wickets down in 47 overs, clinching the victory. Azaan’s outstanding century, scoring 105 runs in 130 balls, and Saad’s unbeaten 61-run inning contributed significantly to Pakistan’s win. Among India’s bowlers, Abhishek managed to secure 2 wickets, while others struggled to make breakthroughs.

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