Pakistani journalist confesses to spying for ISI during UPA government’s visit to India

Pakistani columnist Nusrat Mirza, who had confessed to spying for Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI during her visits to India, was involved in several events in Delhi and Aligarh from 2007 to 2010.

According to publications reviewed by India Today TV, Mirza attended the International Conference on Counter-Terrorism at the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi on October 27, 2009. Pakistani journalist is greeted by Ahmad Bukhari and Yahya Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid.

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari and Cabinet Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad also attended the program organized by Jama Masjid United Forum. Madhu Kishwar was also among the other invitees.

On 11 July, Mirza said that he received various ‘privileges’ from Pakistan’s Department of Foreign Affairs during his visit to India.

“I was invited to India at the time of Mohammad Hamid Ansari’s Vice President,” he claimed during a virtual address.

(Photo: RFI Pakistan)

“Khursheido” [former Pakistan minister] asked me to hand over the information I brought [General Ashfaq Parvez] Kayani [former Army Chief], I said that I will not give them the information, but if you want I am giving you the information. He handed it over to Kayani,” he further claimed.

(Photo: RFI Pakistan)

“Later they called me and asked if I could get more such information. I told them to work on the information I provided. They have a research wing. They have the information. They are in India. I am aware of the weaknesses of the leadership. But they should not use it,” he said.

Images by Mirza Foundation

Images published by the Mirza Foundation established him as a guest in the years 2007 and 2010, lecturing at “student seminars” at the Kennedy Auditorium of Aligarh Muslim University.

“Usually, when you apply for a visa to India, they allow you to visit only three places. However, at that time Khurshid Kasuri was the foreign minister who helped me get visas for seven cities”, he had earlier told journalist Shakeel Choudhary in an interview posted on YouTube.

(Photo: RFI Pakistan)

Images and publicly available data from February 2010 show Mirza’s place at an interfaith religious conference held at Ansari Auditorium in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia. In February 2010, he returned to Delhi’s Jamia Millia to attend an interfaith religious seminar. Mirza was accompanied by a group of leaders from the minority community of Pakistan, including Dr. Aresh Singh, a former member of the National Assembly.

Describing his visits to India, he said, “I have visited India five times. I have also visited Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Patna and Kolkata. In 2011, I visited Zafarul Islam Khan, the publisher of Milli Gazette. Got it too.”

Mirza has been an outspoken critic of the policies of the Government of India and has been actively organizing many meetings against India. More recently, he has dubbed Pakistan’s domestic cricket league, the Pakistan Super League, a “hybrid war” against India, which he believes has been won by Pakistan.

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