Pakistan: Mutilated body of a Hindu woman found in Sindh province; accused yet to be arrested

Hindu woman murdered in Pakistan
Image source: @KESHOOBAI/TWITTER Hindu woman murdered in Pakistan

Pakistan’s atrocities on minorities: Amid rising atrocities against minority communities in Pakistan, another case of brutality came to the fore on Wednesday where a 40-year-old Bhil woman was gang-raped and brutally murdered in Sindh province. The woman, identified as Daya Bhil (40), was brutally murdered on Wednesday, according to Krishna Kumari, whose Twitter handle describes her as the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senator from Tharparkar Sindh. Went.

According to Research Gate, the Bhil community largely speaks a mixture of various dialects of Rajasthani (mainly Marwari), Gujarati and Sindhi – a mixture that some refer to as Bhilki. They are mainly concentrated in the Khairpur district in Upper Sindh, the districts of Mirpur Khas and Hyderabad in Lower Sindh, and the Bahawalpur district in southern Punjab.

body dismembered

Kumari claimed that the woman was a widow and her body was found in a very bad condition. She claimed that the victim’s body was cut into several pieces, with the accused removing the flesh of the entire head.

Meanwhile, Jyala Amar Lal Bhil, whose microblogging account describes her as the media coordinator of Senator Krishna Kumari and member of PPP social media, claimed that the woman was banished from her agricultural land near Sinjhoro area. According to Jyala, his head was completely severed and the flesh of the entire head was cut off. At the moment, the media coordinator of the PPP said that the police have taken note of the incident, but have not disclosed any details related to those involved in this heinous crime.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has reacted to the incident

Reacting to the incident, Indian Foreign Minister’s spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that Pakistan is responsible for the safety and security of minorities in its country. “We do not have any specific details on this report,” he said.

Minority women in Pakistan live in fear as forced conversions, marriages continue

Interestingly, this horrific incident came to light on the same day that the International Forum for Rights and Society (IFFRAS) reported that there has been a rise in forced conversions and marriages in the Muslim-majority nation. As per reports, this incident of brutality has put Hindu and Christian families in constant fear of their daughters being taken away.

The report titled “Conversion without consent” talks about the rise in violence against non-Muslim women while the state remains apathetic and the judicial system denies timely justice in most cases. According to the IFFRAS report, the report examined 100 cases of kidnapping, forced conversions, and forced and child marriages of girls and women from the Christian community across Pakistan. Punjab province has the highest number of such cases at 86 per cent, Sindh at 11 per cent, Islamabad at 2 per cent, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at 1 per cent and Balochistan at none.

Strong link between reports of forced conversions and child marriage

As reported by Voice of Justice, there are many cases in Pakistan where teenage girls mainly from religious minority communities are abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. who are usually the perpetrators of their abduction. The report states that there is a strong link between reports of forced conversions and child marriages. “Criminals mostly manipulate the law and the justice system to escape from their crimes, due to the absence of legislation that deals with forced conversions, and the lack of enforcement of existing domestic law; practices,” the report said.

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