Pakistan: Lahore woman thrown off building for serving ‘less spicy chicken’ to her in-laws? viral video claims

Lahore woman thrown out for not cooking chicken spicy
Image Source : SOCIAL MEDIA Woman thrown off building allegedly by ‘mother-in-law’ in Pakistan

Lahore: A shocking video that is now viral on social media platforms claims that “a Pakistani woman was forcibly thrown out of a window by her husband and in-laws as they were unhappy with her method of seasoning chicken”. In the video, CCTV footage shows a girl captured standing in front of her house. Moments later, she swiftly shut the doors as she heard a woman screaming and falling from the upper floor of the building. Within seconds, several people, probably neighbours, were seen assisting the woman who sustained severe leg injuries. This triggered various wild theories on social media platforms over the reason of the incident. 

WATCH: Viral video claiming a Pakistani woman thrown out of a window by her husband & in-laws for not ‘spicing the chicken’ properly

A report published by a Pakistani website, ARY News, on March 9 claimed that the woman’s in-laws allegedly threw her. Later, Punjab (Pakistan) Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif also posted the news with images of the victim’s husband who was arrested by the police. Sharif also confirmed that the woman was thrown out for not serving “quality food”, however, she did not mention the dish.

Whether the woman was thrown out for not serving spicy chicken?

As per the media report, the tragic incident took place near Shalimar Road at Lahore’s Nonarian Chowk. The woman who was severely injured was identified as Maryam. An FIR was lodged and her husband, Shahzad, brother-in-law Romaan, and mother-in-law Shazia, were named in the case. However, the FIR did not mention any dispute related to chicken cooking that led to such a horrific incident. In fact, the media quoted the investigating officer (IO), who confirmed the incident but said that the victim “tried to commit suicide” due to domestic disputes. However, the official added that further investigations were being conducted from various aspects regarding the incident. 

How to check the authenticity or facts of viral social media videos

It is worth mentioning millions of videos are uploaded on social media platforms every minute and spotting fake videos can be tricky, but here are some tips to help you be a discerning viewer:

Scrutinize the source:

  • Who posted it? Are they a reputable news source or a random account with few followers?
  • Where was it posted? Is it on a social media platform known for spreading misinformation, or a more reliable source?

Look for clues in the video itself:

  • Unnatural movements: Does the movement of people or objects seem jerky or inconsistent?
  • Lighting inconsistencies: Are there sudden changes in lighting or shadows within a scene?
  • Poor video quality: Is the resolution grainy or blurry, which can be a sign of tampering?

Fact-check and verify:

  • Can you find the video elsewhere online? Do a reverse image search using a screenshot from the video. Tools like TinEye or RevEye can help with this.
  • Does the video match up with current events? Search for news articles or reports about the event depicted.

Use digital verification tools:

  • InVID Verification Plugin: This browser extension allows you to analyze elements of a video like upload date and source.
  • Truepic: This app can help verify the authenticity of photos and videos based on blockchain technology.

Be cautious of emotional triggers:

  • Does the video evoke strong emotions like shock or outrage? This could be a tactic to cloud your judgment and make you share it before verifying its authenticity.

Remember, even if a video seems convincing at first glance, take a step back and investigate before sharing it.

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