Omicron: Omicron accounts for 59% of new cases in US – Times of India

New York: United States government figures show that omicron The version continues to account for the increasing proportion of new coronavirus infections in the country.
For the week ended December 25, Omicron accounted for 59% of new cases in the US, according to updated data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, This is up from last week’s 23%.
CDC It said last week that Omicron is already responsible for the majority of new cases in the country. But the agency said on Tuesday it had significantly lowered the previous estimate based on additional data it collected.
Nevertheless, it was noted that Omicron is responsible for a growing proportion of cases.
The rapid spread comes after the first confirmed case of Omicron was identified in the US earlier this month. Studies have given early indications that it is mild in comparison delta Type.
Meanwhile, US Rep. Bobby Rusho of Illinois has tested positive for a successful case of COVID-19.
The Chicago Democrat said in a statement late Monday that he is “feeling fine,” currently has no symptoms and is in quarantine.
The 75-year-old cancer survivor says she has been fully vaccinated and recently got a booster shot. The 15-term congressman had surgery in 2008 for a cancerous tumor in his salivary gland, which was followed by months of chemotherapy treatment.
His district includes several South Side Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs.