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New Delhi Railway Station gets functional waiting lounge at par with airports

New Delhi Railway Station now has an executive lounge as per international airport standards where people can comfortably spend their waiting time.

Indian Railways has built this world class Executive Lounge specially for its passengers on Platform No 1 towards Paharganj. The Executive Lounge on the first floor of Platform 1 has been designed on the lines of a world class airport lounge. Railways has taken care to provide good accommodation with calm atmosphere.

Passengers can access the Executive Lounge using the capsule lift installed on Platform 1. As you enter the lounge, you hear soft music, crouching, shiners on display, newspapers and magazines and amenities such as computers, printers, photostats and faxes.

Visitors can take advantage of both complimentary and paid services such as hot and cold drinks, multi-cuisine buffet, and more. The lounge also has international standard toilets with change facilities. You can also surf the Internet using high-speed WiFi while waiting in the lounge.

You might be thinking that people can miss their trains while enjoying their waiting time in the executive lounge. Indian Railways, like international airports, displays proper train information and announcements are made regularly to alert visitors.

To avail the services of the world-class lounge, a passenger will have to pay Rs 150 for an hour and Rs 99 for every additional hour. The lounge will be operational 24*7. The lounge also has separate bathing areas for men and women.

IRCTC provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to the lounge visitors. People will have to pay between Rs 250 to Rs 385 to avail the buffet service.

IRCTC is also offered a special package for Rs 600 which includes a two-hour stay, bath and a balanced buffet meal.

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