Never thought that a village boy like me would become the President: Ram Nath Kovind Kanpur News – Times of India

Lucknow/Kanpur Country: President Ram Nath Kovind On Sunday, he said he had never imagined that an ordinary village boy like him would hold the highest office in the country, and thanked the people of his birthplace for the same.
He was addressing a gathering here Paraunkhi Village, his birthplace, in the Kanpur countryside of UP. In a rare emotional gesture, Rashtrapati Bhavan said after landing at the helipad near his village, Kovind bent and touched soil To pay homage to his native land.
Kovind said, “Wherever I have reached today, the credit goes to the love and blessings of this village, the soil of this region and the people.” He also visited one meeting center and Veerangana Jhalkari Bai Inter College and addressed a ‘Public Address Ceremony’.
“As per my family values, the oldest woman in the village is given the status of mother and the eldest man is given the status of father, irrespective of caste or community. Today I am happy that this tradition of giving respect to elders continues even today.
He said that the smell of the soil of his village and the memories of its residents are in his heart. He said, “For me Paraunkh is not just a village, it is my motherland, from where I get inspiration to serve the country.”


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