Neha Dhupia To Make Her International Debut In Ali El Arabi’s Blue 52 – News18

Neha Dhupia starrer Blue 52 is shot in Kochi and Qatar.

Neha Dhupia starrer Blue 52 is shot in Kochi and Qatar.

Neha Dhupia is gearing up to impress global audiences with her debut international project, Blue 52, directed by popular Egyptian filmmaker Ali El Arabi.

After Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt made their mark in Hollywood, Neha Dhupia is finally gearing up to impress global audiences with her debut international project, Blue 52. Directed by popular Egyptian filmmaker Ali El Arabi, the movie is set to explore the fresh side of the Singh is King star, as her character is filled with intense emotions. Ali, who not only is directing but also producing the film, has a track record of making award-winning films. His earlier documentary Captains of Za’atari, garnered positive reactions at prestigious festivals like Hot Docs and El Gouna and now, he is set to create his magic once again with Blue 52. The movie is shot across various Indian cities including Kochi.

Talking about Blue 52, Neha Dhupia said, “Embarking on the journey of Blue 52 has been nothing short of magical. The fusion of diverse cultures in this international venture allowed me to delve deep into a character that is both challenging and emotionally resonant. It’s a transformative experience that I believe will leave a lasting impact and I’m glad that Ali chose me to essay the lead in what is my international first.”

While the director Ali El Arabi mentioned, “Creating Blue 52 was a labour of love, blending the cinematic languages of Egypt, America and India. Neha brought an unparalleled dedication to her role, infusing the character with a nuanced emotional depth. The picturesque locales of Kochi and the vibrant energy of Qatar served as the perfect canvas for our storytelling. This film is a testament to the collaborative spirit of international cinema, and I am excited for audiences to experience the richness we’ve crafted together.”

Blue 52 narrates the tale of a boy, Ashish, who, at the tender age of 9, is separated from his father following the loss of his elder brother. Stranded on an island along the picturesque backwaters of Kochi, Ashish matures to 22 but retains the innocence of a child at heart. His knowledge is confined to his idol, Messi, and the life lessons imparted by his mother, who diligently prepares him for a life beyond their secluded island. Fueled by determination and his mother’s unwavering support, Ashish decides to embark on a journey when an extraordinary opportunity unexpectedly knocks on his door. This opportunity, almost surreal, presents him with the chance to meet Messi at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Venturing into the world on his own for the first time, Ashish not only encounters the thrill of meeting his idol but also discovers his true passions along the way.

Apart from her international film, Neha Dhupia is set to appear in Anand Tiwari’s Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam, sharing the screen with talented actors like Vicky Kaushal and Tripti Dimri. The actress is also set to mark her OTT debut, starring in a project centred on mental health concerns.