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Mysuru: PU Champakfemale head constable of biligere police station Nanjangud subdivision of Mysore The district was a bit apprehensive when senior women officials proposed a night beat by all women on Wednesday. this is probably the first time Karnataka police.
Now, she is more confident as she is one of two dozen female head constables and constables in the division who had previously successfully performed the night beat performed only by their male counterparts. Women officers headed by probationary deputy superintendent of police Nikita The idea was approached by higher-ups and it was rectified by Mysore’s SP R Chetan.
In 17 years of police service, Champaka has done no beat at night which includes covering all beat points and checking vehicles and suspicious movement of people besides verifying the presence of listed miscreants and habitual criminals in their homes . Women constables and head constables are involved in night work only on special occasions.
The beat started at 9 p.m. on Wednesday and for the next eight hours, he went to all nine points on his two-wheeler to register his presence on the beat, using the e-beat app on his phone. It was also a new experience for the 25 women constables and head constables attached to eight police stations.
Nikita said that she got this idea during an event on women empowerment.