Mukesh Khanna REJECTS SRK, Akshay Kumar As Shaktimaan, Says They Don’t Have ‘The Face’: ‘A New Guy…’ – News18

Mukesh said Shah Rukh and Akshay cannot play Shaktimaan.

Mukesh said Shah Rukh and Akshay cannot play Shaktimaan.

After Ranveer Singh, Mukesh Khanna said that Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar also cannot be Shaktimaan.

After declaring Ranveer Singh unfit to play the role of Shaktimaan on screen, Mukesh Khanna has now said that Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn also cannot play the character because of their images. He said that to play a character like Shaktimaan who “can teach kids”, a new actor must be launched.

Speaking to a YouTube channel called Digital Commentary, Mukesh said that there were rumours earlier about Shah Rukh Khan playing the character. “Neither Shah Rukh Khan, nor Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar or Tiger Shroff can become Shaktimaan. Because the face that’s needed for Shaktimaan, none of them have it. Because they have a certain image,” he said. Mukesh added, “We need a Shaktimaan who can teach the kids. I feel there should be a new guy, if you ask me.”

Mukesh also revealed that the film’s story is yet to be finalised. “If we make a movie, we still don’t know what the story will be. There are so many people, the Sony people… the conversation about the rights is still going on,” he said. “Shaktimaan is not just a serial or even Avengers, Shaktimaan is our mythology,” Mukesh added.

A few days ago, Mukesh addressed the rumours of Ranveer’s casting and wrote on Instagram, “Pura social media mahinon se is rumour se bhara pada tha ki Ranveer karega Shaktimaan. Aur har koi naaraz tha ise lekar. Main chup raha. Lekin jub channels ne bhi elaan karna shuru kar diya ki Ranveer sign ho gaya hai. To mujhe muhn kholana pada. Aur maine bol diya ki aisi image wala vyakti kitna bhi bada star kyon na ho Shaktimaan nahin ban sakta. I have put my foot down. Ab Aaga aage dekhiye hota hai kya ??” He has also shared a video in which he spoke at length about the rumour. Mukesh’s post sparked quite the controversy and the actor has since deleted it.