Missing Chinese Woman: A Spy Story That Never Was

Last Update: December 30, 2022, 21:43 IST

Sketches of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and Chinese women (right).  (Reuters/ANI)

Sketches of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and Chinese women (right). (Reuters/ANI)

According to the Gaya police, despite allegedly being born in an atheist country, the woman was so self-willed that she fell in love with spirituality, and came to the land of Buddha in October, 2019.

Mysterious Chinese woman suspected of spying on the Dalai Lama – Bihar media outlets ablaze on the day His Holiness began his annual teaching in Bodh Gaya, returning to the pilgrimage city after a gap of two years.

As word spreads that police have released sketches of Song Xiaolan, with her thinning hair covered in scrunchies and her passport and visa numbers, headline hunters can be excused for thinking they’ve caught something “big”. Have got.

However, after a thorough investigation, the police found that it was a simple case of a woman who had unknowingly overstayed in the country on an expired visa.

“He’s been slapped with leave India After the visa violation notice we are going to hand him over to the concerned authorities for repatriation,” said Additional Director General of Police (Headquarters) JS Gangwar as he tried to deflect questions from journalists who refused to believe That it is a matter of much ado about nothing.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner, after all, remains a figurehead in China, a country with which India has an ongoing border dispute. Security concerns have accompanied the messenger of peace wherever he goes since he fled Tibet in 1959 after China put down a bloody rebellion at the ‘Roof of the World’. A few years ago, his visit to Bodh Gaya was marked by a low-intensity blast carried out by a Bangladesh-based terrorist outfit.

Nonetheless, a statement issued by the Gaya police makes it clear that Song was never suspected of espionage, let alone terrorist activities, though he is apparently also not a regular traveler from abroad who visits Indian soil for worldly reasons. But has landed.

According to the Gaya police, despite allegedly being born in an atheist country, the woman fell in love with spirituality to fulfill her wish, and she came back to the land of Buddha in October, 2019 and simply forgot that visas are the things of the world. are governed by the laws set by the nations.

According to the police, she was not believed to have stayed for more than three months. However, she has been back for more than three years. Meanwhile, she briefly went to Nepal, apparently on a spiritual quest, where she befriended a local woman and returned to India with her.

The two women, both picked up by police from a guest house in Bodh Gaya, have confessed to having settled in McLeodganj, a town in Himachal Pradesh’s Dharamsala district, often referred to as “mini Tibet”, apparently run by the Dalai Lama With a desire to be close to.

They came to Bodhgaya on 22 December, the day the Dalai Lama also arrived for his annual retreat, but by then the State Department had informed the police that Xiaolan was persona non grata. PTI PKD NAC http://ptinews.com/images/pti.jpg “We bring world Disclaimer: This e-mail message may contain proprietary, confidential or legally privileged information for the sole use of the person or entity to whom this message was originally addressed. Please delete this e-mail if it is not for you.

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