Maruti Suzuki Jimny: Top 5 Accessories You Must Buy For Improved Practicality

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-Door has been launched in the country at a starting price of Rs 12.74 Lakh, ex-showroom. The offroader will retail in a total of 6 trims, with both manual and automatic transmissions. It also managed to impress us with its capabilities, which will make it a strong choice among those interested in overlanding. While Maruti Suzuki is providing a number of accessories for the Jimny, many of them are already available in the open market. While some are just cosmetic add-ons, there are others that will enhance the practicality of the Jimny. So, check out this list of top-5 must-have accessories for your Maruti Suzuki Jimny.

off-roading bumper

The approach angle of the Jimny with the stock front bumper is 36 degrees. With the off-roading bumper, the angle can be increased even further. Similarly, a rear bumper with a tandem tire carrier can be installed, which certainly helps reduce rattling and ensures that a light rear-end collision isn’t going to damage the boot lid . Also, the metal bumper can be a boon for mounting a winch and auxiliary lights. Another advantage of the metal off-road bumper is its sturdiness.


Since the Jimny has gutters for rain, installing a roof rack will be easy. In fact, the lack of practical boot space will prompt a lot of owners to use one for carrying luggage. However, the Jimny’s lightweight and compact dimensions mean that not much can be carried on the roof.

rock sliders

The Jimny gets 210 mm of ground clearance but gets plastic side cladding. When used off-road, it definitely rubs on a trail with rocks, stones and other things. In such a situation, rock sliders will save the car from damage.


The Jimny’s bonnet sits low, although the air intakes are slightly higher than on other Maruti Suzuki cars. However, the off-roader will need a snorkel to ensure that water is not getting into the air filter, and that dust is kept away as well.

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spare wheel cover

The spare wheel of the Jimny is mounted on the boot lid. It gets a partial cover, but the carmaker is offering a full-sized spare cover for the Jimny, which looks neat. So, for those who want to keep a clean-looking rear, a chrome- or black-finished spare wheel cover can be bought.