Man Dies After Being Sucked Into Running Aircraft Engine

Amsterdam: A person died on Wednesday after being caught in the rotating turbine blades of a departing passenger jet at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, officials reported.

The incident took place on the apron outside the terminal of the busy hub, just as a KLM flight was preparing to depart for Billund, Denmark. KLM, the Dutch flagship carrier, stated that an incident occurred at Schiphol today, where a person ended up in a running aircraft engine.

“Unfortunately, the person has died,” KLM said, without disclosing the victim’s identity. Dutch border police, responsible for security at the Netherlands’ largest airport, stated that passengers were removed from the plane and an investigation has been launched.

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According to reports from Dutch news sources, the aircraft involved is a short-haul Embraer jet utilized by KLM’s Cityhopper service, which offers flights to nearby destinations like London.

A photograph posted by the NOS public broadcaster showed the aircraft surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances near the departure terminals.

Safety and security measures are strict at Schiphol, and accidents are infrequent at the busy airport, which handled approximately 5.5 million passengers last month alone, according to airport figures.

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