Mamata’s Bengal Sees Manipur-Like Incident! Tribal Women Stripped, Beaten, Paraded Naked By Mob – VIDEO VIRAL

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday claimed that two women were attacked, stripped naked and mercilessly thrashed by a group of people in West Bengal’s Malda district earlier this week. BJP IT cell chief Amit Malviya on Saturday shared a purported video of the incident on social media, which shows the women being mercilessly thrashed. Minister of State for Women and Child Health Shashi Panja told reporters that the women were engaged in a heated argument with each other and the police present at the spot tried to intervene. Eventually the women left of their own accord.

Amit Malviya accuses TMC

According to the police, on that particular day, the women went to the Baman Gola market in Malda district to sell their goods and were suspected of theft. Malviya tweeted that the situation in West Bengal is appalling. On July 19, in the Pakua Haat area of ​​Malda’s Baman Gola police station, two tribal women were stripped, assaulted and brutally thrashed while the police stood by as mute spectators. The horrific incident took place on July 19, he said. The women belonged to a marginalized community and were being followed by a blood-thirsty mob. There were apprehensions of an impending tragedy that should have stirred Mamata Banerjee’s conscience, and instead of merely expressing her outrage, she could have taken action, given that she is also the Home Minister of Bengal.

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Minister Shashi Panja replied

Minister of State for Women and Child Health Shashi Panja said a case has been registered and efforts are on to identify the alleged culprits. He insisted that the BJP was making it a baseless political issue. BJP is raising the incident of attack on women in Malda at a time when BJP state president Sukant Mazumdar made another claim during a media conference in Delhi on Friday.

Sukanta Majumdar’s Claim

Sukant Majumdar had said that a situation like Manipur has been created in West Bengal and on July 8, a woman BJP candidate was paraded naked for the rural elections in Panchla, Howrah district. BJP MP Locket Chatterjee also broke down during the media conference. He said that despite being a woman Chief Minister in West Bengal, she is silent. You tell us where to go. We also want our daughters to be safe. West Bengal Director General of Police Manoj Malviya said on Friday that there is no evidence of such incidents.