Makrand Deshpande on the edited scene between him and Jr NTR, in conversation with SS Rajamouli for RRR. Unique

SS Rajamouli’s RRR has rocked the box office. The film has not only earned money but has also garnered good reviews from critics. RRR stars Ram Charan and Jr NTR in the lead roles. The film stars Olivia Morris, Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn in lead roles. The epic period action drama also stars actor, writer and director Makarand Deshpande, who has a major presence in Hindi films and regional cinema. In a recent interview with, Makrand opened up about an edited scene featuring him and Jr NTR in the film. The Makadi actor also revealed how he got the role in the Baahubali director’s film.

In RRR, Makarand plays an important role as a senior member of the Gond community, who accompanies Bheem (Junior NTR) to bring a baby girl captured by the British back to his home in the village.

Talking about how he got the role, he said, “I got a call from Ram Charan’s office to inform that SS Rajamouli wants to meet me for a role. And when I reached I saw Ram Charan waiting. He said ‘I also wanted to meet you.’ It’s great that people from the south appreciate Bollywood actors.”

Elaborating on his meeting with the Baahubali director, Makrand said, “Rajamouli sir was amazing, he just told me the story and part of me, and I got my makeup and costume test done immediately. And since then I just wanted to be a part of this film. Usually people say, give me the role of a shot, it was like this. And yes, one is happy that one is a part of the film which is creating history. And I was just excited to see the film made of actors, their dedication and especially all the COVID problems. ,

Appreciating the efforts of the director of the film, he said, “A huge effort has been made and I am being a part of it. I feel amazing. As the days go by, it will get bigger. And a big hit thing.” No. It’s like a storm that has no measure. So yes, I’m lucky to be a part of this project.”

When asked about his experience sharing screen space with Jr NTR, Makrand shared that the two bonded over their love for theatre. He said, “Junior NTR is basically an artist, and he knows about my theater background. That’s why he always talked about theatre. He said that he would love to act in theater someday because he is an artist, and that’s why he respects the theatre. So it was great working with Jr NTR. Of course, I interacted more with him, and it was wonderful. ,

During the conversation, Makrand shared that SS Rajamouli approached him as he was quite impressed with the actor’s role in Swades and Satya.

The actor, known for his work in films like Company, Daanav, Makadi, and Sarfarosh was also seen in Netflix’s The Fame Game. When asked what is the big difference between the two, the ‘Guzaarish’ actor said, “OTT gives you a fair amount of space to experiment with your role and character.”

An example of his character in RRR would have been in an OTT project, Makrand shared various tracks featuring his character and its story could be traced. He added that the existence of his character and where it came from will be shared with the audience.

Elaborating on an edited scene between himself and Jr NTR in RRR, Makrand told, “A sequence shows Bhim (Jr NTR) as a newborn, and I named him Gound, which was edited. was done.” Had there been an OTT project, I could have had a story.

Explaining the reason behind the clipping of the scene, Makrand shared, “It is a different track which is not possible as they have too many tracks to follow. Yes, they can either have the story of just a little girl or the story of the main protagonist. They can’t have my story. Yes, but if the film is on OTT then they can have my story.”

With the success of RRR and other films, the audience is turning to theatres. The actor shared that films are a medium to spread happiness and love and we should keep watching them. He said, “I am hoping that people are coming to theaters and watching OTT movies – it is a good time for everyone. And I just want people to spread love and not hate. Ukraine, Russia, Then there’s a lot going on because of the war between COVID and the economic crisis. So let’s not spread hatred with it anymore, as it is, we have something else to fight for.”

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