Madhya Pradesh EXIT POLLS: BJP Or Congress, Who Is Making a Comeback?

Ballot boxes have been sealed for all the 230 seats of Madhya Pradesh where the fate of more than 500 leaders has to be scripted on December 3. Madhya Pradesh has been the most interesting state where both the major parties which are often said to be rivals could taste the leadership.

While it was Congress that crossed the majority mark in 2018 and chose Sonia Gandhi’s favourite, Kamalnath, as the chief minister’s face, the game changed soon after Scindia revolted against the oldest political party in India.

It was only then that Shivraj Singh Chouhan could again taste the victory and Kamalnath had to get down.


If we go by the exit polls of TV9 POLSTRAT, the ruling party might score somewhere between 106 to 116 seats while Congress seems to bag 111 to 121 seats and may have the chance to grab the throne again. Others including BSP can range from 0 to 06 seats and may get a chance to be the game-changer.


ETG’s survey of Times Now shows the BJP bagging 105-117 seats whereas Congress is getting 109-125 seats this time.


The CVoter agency of ABP news shows quite a big difference between Congress and BJP and is giving more seats to the former party in its predictions. BJP might be limited to 88-112 seats and Congress may score up to 113-137 seats out of 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh.

AXIS-My India

AXIS-My India of the India Today group shows a completely different picture in its prediction where it showers many many seats on BJP and shows it crossing the majority mark. As per its prediction, BJP will score 140-162 seats whereas Congress will get 68-90 seats. Others including BSP may settle for 0-3 seats.

The poll results will be declared on December 03, 2023, for all five states.

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