Madeleine McCann disappearance: Portuguese police find ‘relevant clue’

Portuguese authorities found material that may be relevant clues to its location Madeleine McCann During their search this week, the Arade reservoir was 31 miles from where she went missing.

As police completed searches on Friday, they said they had found “certain material which will be subject to competent expertise,” according to Sky News.

Police said they would hand over the material to the German authorities.

“Any discovery of clothing may aid the investigation.”

Christian Wolters

Portuguese authorities did not specify what type of material they found, but German prosecutor Christian Wolters told Sky News that “any discovery of clothing could aid the investigation.”

Whether or not the material helps investigators find McCann, it could take months for results to come back from the labs.

In this screen grab of a video on May 22, 2023, officers from the Investigative Judicial Police of Portugal are seen at the location of a remote reservoir where a new discovery of Madeleine McCann’s body is set to take place, in Silves, Portugal. : Reuters)

Why did the police decide to dig?

The search at the reservoir was launched this week and lasted three days by German and British investigators following a request from Portuguese police, following a tip that Christian Brueckner had frequented the site and had seen some of McCann’s disappearance in 2007. Visited it a few days later.

Brueckner was named as a person of interest last year and is currently serving a prison sentence for raping a 72-year-old woman.

In May 2007, the then three-year-old Madeleine went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal. Her parents put the kids to bed and then went out to dinner with friends at the resort, going back every half hour to check on the kids, but once the parents check-in. When they went to bed, they found McCann’s bed empty, and she was never found.

The disappearance made headlines a few months ago when a woman walking past both Julia Wendell and Julia Faustina opened an Instagram account dedicated to her and claimed that she thought she was a mccain,

This announcement resulted in DNA testing in the US which conclusively concluded that she was wrong.