Long Lines Form Outside Varanasi’s New Starbucks Outlet

A video has proven wrong the skepticism of many about whether a high-end coffee chain would survive in a smaller Indian city, as Starbucks, the world-renowned coffee giant, recently opened its first outlet in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, and has thrived.

Starbucks First Outlet In Varanasi  

The circulating video on social media depicts long queues forming outside the newly inaugurated outlet, showcasing the public’s excitement and the coffee shop’s popularity. Outside the outlet, many two-wheeler vehicles are parked, while inside, a large crowd of customers jostles for space.

One user reacted to the video shared by X user Aaraynsh, commenting, “People may be eager to try it because it’s just the opening ceremony, but its success will likely be due to its social media status.”

Another user commented, “I never expected this in a million years! It feels like Rameshwaram cafe.” A third user remarked, “During the initial days, you’ll see the same queue just for a picture with a Starbucks cup to post on Instagram. After a while, only real coffee lovers will come. When it opened in Indore, there were queues for 2-3 hours just to get into the cafe.”

A fourth user added, “Benares is not a small town by any means. The city attracts national and international tourists, hosts two universities including one affiliated with IIT, and Modi represents it in parliament.” A fifth user wrote, “Anyone who thinks Indian consumers don’t like to spend hasn’t been in the market long enough. They enjoy a good deal but are willing to spend on things they perceive as valuable, status symbols, or necessities.”

Previously, internet users were amazed by the stunning royal-themed design of the store. Notably, the coffee company refurbished an old structure and transformed it into a new, elegant outlet. Many users shared pictures and videos of the coffee shop, praising its architecture, atmosphere, and sophisticated appearance.