Lappu Sa Sachin, Jhingur Sa Ladka: Pakistani Bhabhi Seema Haider To Take Legal Action Against Neighbour For Insulting Remarks

NEW DELHI: Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who made her way into India through unconventional means and has since been residing in Noida alongside her partner Sachin Meena, is contemplating legal action against her neighbour Mithilesh Bhati due to offensive remarks directed at her spouse. A video depicting Mithilesh Bhati, Seema Haider’s neighbour, hurling derogatory terms like ‘lappu’ and ‘jhingur’ at her husband Sachin, recently gained considerable traction across social media platforms.

In light of the viral video, Seema Haider’s legal representative has cautioned Mithilesh Bhati regarding the potential for a defamation lawsuit, emphasizing that such “disparaging” comments will not be tolerated. AP Singh, Seema’s legal counsel, conveyed that Mithilesh Bhati’s remarks have provoked a response from spouses across the nation due to their “disrespectful” nature towards Sachin.

Labelling these remarks as affronts to all husbands, Seema’s lawyer stated that they are actively preparing for legal recourse against Bhati. “In a country as diverse as ours, insults based on physical attributes and skin colour will not be condoned. We are in the process of pursuing legal action against the individual,” the attorney remarked.

Mithilesh Bhati, however, has defended her comments, asserting that her anger prompted the use of those words, which she claims are commonly employed in colloquial conversations. She further clarified that her intention was not to insult anyone.

Bhati stated during one of her media interactions, “Sachin… what is Sachin? Lappu sa Sachin ha. It just came out. People say things, you know, ‘jhingur sa ladka.'” Mithilesh Bhati’s references to Sachin as “lappu sa” and “jhingur sa” during media interviews have propelled her into the limelight overnight, prompting discussions across social media platforms. Consequently, AP Singh is in the process of initiating legal proceedings against Mithilesh Bhati for these comments.



Mithilesh Bhati’s remarks have transformed her into a viral sensation, spawning a plethora of humorous memes and jests across the internet, depicting her in various eccentric scenarios.

Noted composer Yashraj Mukhate has also contributed his musical touch to this woman’s amusing outburst. Mukhate, renowned for creating musical adaptations from viral videos and dialogues that gain traction on social media, has worked his magic on this meme as well. He shared his rendition of the song on Instagram, beginning with a tune crafted from the woman’s dialogue. The phrase “Kya Hai Sachin Mein” serves as the foundation for his musical arrangement, with Mukhate even lending his vocals to the composition.





Seema Haider, aged 30, originally from the Sindh province in Pakistan, entered India illegally in May to reunite with her partner Sachin Meena in Greater Noida. A mother of four, Seema was previously married to Ghulam Haider, who presently resides in Saudi Arabia. She departed from her home country, crossing the border into India along with her four children, all aged under seven, via Nepal in a bus on May 13.

Seema, driven by her affection for her Indian partner Sachin Meena residing in the Rabupura area of Greater Noida, took the bold step of leaving her home and estranged husband in Pakistan.

However, she was apprehended on July 4 for unauthorized entry into India via Nepal, without a valid visa, while Sachin faced legal repercussions for providing shelter to the undocumented immigrants.

She has said that she does not want to go back to Pakistan and has sought permission from authorities to stay in India forever. She also claimed to have embraced Hinduism and expressed her love for the Indian culture and Hindu customs and traditions. Amid the media frenzy over Seema Haider, it also emerged that she would star in a film ‘Karachi to Noida’ based on her life. However, reports said she refused the movie following threats by Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena. There were reports of Seema likely to contest the election as well. On August 13, Seema hoisted the Indian National Flag at her Noida residence and was seen chanting ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Pakistan Murdabad, Hindustan Zindabad’ slogans.