Kamlapati Tripathi’s grandson, family registered a case of land scam in Mirzapur. Kanpur News – Times of India

Varanasi: Late flag bearer of the Late Congress The grandson of party Kamalapati Tripathi and former MLC Rajeshpati Tripathi, great-grandson and former MLA Laliteshpati Tripathi and 40 others have been booked for allegedly grabbing 132 acres of land in the name of a cooperative society in Manihan area of ​​Mirzapur district.
“A high level inquiry was launched into the land transferred to cooperatives after the Umba incident. In this regard, the Revenue Department investigated the land transferred to Gopalpur Joint Agricultural Cooperative Society Limited in Manihan area. The investigation report was presented before the state government which ordered the district magistrate of Mirzapur to initiate legal action,” said assistant commissioner and assistant registrar (cooperative) Mirzapur Mitrasen Verma, providing details of the FIR lodged at Manihan police station.
“Since the matter was of my department, the DM sent me the report after which I lodged an FIR at Manihan police station on June 15,” he said.
Giving details of the case, Station Officer (SO) Manihan Rajkumar Singh said, “FIR sections 419 (cheating by impersonation), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 467 (forgery document), 468 ( forgery) was registered. for fraudulent purposes) and section 471 of IPC (fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine document).
“Police investigation has been started in this matter. This is a very old matter. Hence, the collection and verification of documentary evidence is a lengthy process as it has to be collected from multiple districts. Besides this, litigation is also going on on several related issues,” he said.
“The legal heirs of the primary members, who are not alive, should be booked by the Gopalpur Sahakari Krishi Samiti Limited for cheating and misleading the courts and officials. The list of 17 primary members of the committee and their 42 legal heirs was provided to the inquiry committee by the secretary of the committee, Baijnath Singh. The list includes the names of late Lokpati Tripathi, former minister and father of Rajeshpati Tripathi, Mandvi Prasad Singh and others.
The report further states that the land pooling after the constitution of the committee was not as per law, whereas in 1961, when the ADJ and other courts were informed that the committee had 105 members, no land was held by them except 17 core members. Pooling was not done. Along with this, undue advantage was taken by the Managing Committee of the committee by giving misleading information about 105 members. Membership given to people from other states was also illegal.
“The report also added that the sale of 132.6 acres of land to a limited food park by Rajeshpati Tripathi, vice-chairman of the committee in September 2016 and further deal in 2018 was done without permission from the authority concerned and without ignoring the laid down rules. Legal action was recommended by holding the managing committee, core members and their successors guilty,” Verma said.
People made accused
# Rajeshpati Tripathi, Laliteshpati Tripathi, Rishipati Tripathi, Dhruvpati Tripathi, Anjali Tripathi, Satish Tiwari, Vindhyachal Agro, Sunaina Pateria, Ishan Pateria, Labi Singh Gautam, Vindhya Chawdhary (Gopalpur Mirzapur)
# From Varanasi: Om Prakash Gupta, Kirti Gupta, Atul Narain, Adesh Narain, Himanshu Tripathi, Jagdish Malkani, Sanjay Gupta, Suresh Kumar Gupta (Aurangabad), Pankaj Kumar Singh, Sarveshwari Prasad Singh, Jaya Prasad Singh, Ishwari Prasad Singh, Visheswari Prasad Singh, Sankari Prasad Singh, Medhavi Prasad Singh, Abhinav Prasad Singh, Arya Prasad Singh (Kamaksha), Amulya Yadav (Piyari), Tej Singh, Ramesh Singh, Niraj Singh, Dhiraj Singh (Nagwa), Manishi Pandey (Varuna Bridge), Papiha Tripathi, Shlokpati Tripathi (Birdopur)
# From other cities: Atul Bhatt (Lucknow), Yashwant Rai Bhatt (Agra), Hathiya Ram Bhatt (Ghazipur), Girdhar Malviya (Prayagraj), Vinayak Rao Bhatt (Pune), KK Sharma (Sasaram Bihar)


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