J&K Hosts First Ever Formula -4 Car Race On The Banks of Dal Lake: Watch

In a recent turn of events, Jammu and Kashmir hosted its first-ever Formula 4 car race in Srinagar on the banks of Dal Lake. The race started at 10 am and concluded at 2 pm on March 17.  The racing event was a joint effort between Formula-4 and the Indian Racing League, organized under the supervision of the Tourism Department. The Formula 4 car race held in Srinagar not only captivated fans but also symbolized resilience and unity in a region often overshadowed by conflict.


Formula-4 Race

The Formula 4 car race showcased the skills of renowned Formula drivers, mesmerizing spectators with adrenaline-pumping races and breathtaking stunts. The 1.7 km stretch near Dal Lake became a track of excitement and passion, as the Tourism Department of Kashmir collaborated with Formula 4 and the Indian Racing League to bring this electrifying event to life. 

In a post on the X platform(formerly Twitter), PM Modi said, “This is very heartening to see. It will help further showcase the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. India offers great opportunities for motorsports to thrive and Srinagar is right on top of the places where it can happen!” 


Various excited young individuals gathered to witness the race. Following the event, professional car race drivers engaged with fans, sharing insights into the world of car sports with those interested in adventurous careers like Formula car racing.

Promoting Adventure Tourism and Inspiring Youth

The primary objective behind organizing the Formula-4 race was to promote adventure tourism in Kashmir and ignite a passion for motorsports among the youth of the valley. Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, the Kashmir Divisional Commissioner, hailed the event as a significant achievement, emphasizing its role in expanding options for Kashmiri sports enthusiasts.

Amidst the scenic beauty of Kashmir, the Formula 4 race served as a beacon of hope, showcasing the region’s potential to emerge as a vibrant destination for motorsports and adventure activities. The organizers expressed their vision of boosting the morale of Kashmiri youth and inspiring them to pursue careers in the exhilarating world of Formula 4 racing.