Jacqueline Fernandez on Sri Lanka crisis: The world and my people don’t need another verdict

Jacqueline Fernandez
Image Source : Instagram/Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez


  • Jacqueline Fernandez urges everyone to stop judging and support Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka going through one of the worst crises since independence
  • Sri Lanka’s economy on the verge of collapse

As Sri Lanka faces one of its worst crises since its independence, the actress Jacqueline Fernandez Expressed his concern about the present condition of his motherland. The actress posted a long note urging everyone to put their judgments aside and empathize with the Sri Lankans. He hoped for a speedy recovery of the situation and prayed for the strength of his people.

“As a Sri Lankan, it is heartbreaking to see what my country and countrymen are doing. Ever since it started from around the world, I have been flooded with so many ideas. I would say, decision making Don’t rush in and condemn any group based on what is shown. The world and my people don’t need second judgment, they need sympathy and support. 2 minutes of silent prayer for their strength and well-being Will bring you much closer to him than a comment based on his loose understanding of the situation,” she wrote.

“For the sake of my country and countrymen, I am hoping that this situation will end soon and peacefully and through the benefit of the people. Praying for immense strength to those dealing with it. Peace to all!” she added.

Sri Lanka’s economy is on the verge of collapse as it is running out of foreign exchange reserves and cannot even import essential commodities like food, fuel and medicines. Sri Lanka’s economy has also been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic, adversely affecting tourism and remittances, which have played a key role in building up its foreign exchange reserves. The crisis has also deepened due to the negligence of the government.

Sri Lanka has been facing several days of public protests, demanding immediate measures by the government to resolve the economic crisis, round-the-clock power cuts and shortages in fuel and other essential supplies.

Cabinet ministers on Sunday night offered to resign from their posts in response to calls for mounting protests amid economic instability and severe fuel shortages in the South Asian country.

On Monday, President Rajapaksa invited all political parties to join the government to find a solution to the current crisis.