Israel’s nuclear commission head refuses to side by High Court – report

The head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) as of Sunday has yet to address a request by other members of the commission to adhere to the High Court of Justice in the case that the government refuses to respect any of its rulings, N12 reported on September 17.

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Moshe Edri, unofficially affiliated with the ruling Likud party, was asked by his fellow IAEC members to announce along with other Israeli security establishment heads to “choose the kingdom over the king,” if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government does not respect a potential High Court ruling on the reasonableness standard amendment to Basic Law: The Judiciary.

Edri, who formerly headed the Defense Ministry’s Special Measures Division, has been acting as IAEC director-general since July 2022. 

Nuclear scientists are against Israel’s judicial reform

Senior nuclear scientists in the Israel Atomic Energy Commission are considering resigning in protest against the government’s judicial reform plan, Channel 13 reported two months ago.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu convenes his cabinet in Jerusalem. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

The groups of scientists, dozens as per the report, are still discussing whether or not to resign.

These scientists are reportedly targeted across the globe due to the nature of their occupation and have had security detail attached following Iranian threats on their lives.

The report continues, adding that any decision is unlikely to be taken as a united group, but rather as individuals.