Iran To Attack Israel In Next 48 Hours, Says US Intelligence

In a bid to avenge the Israeli airstrike that took place on April 1 on an Iranian consulate building, killing several commanders and two generals of the Iranian Armed Forces, Iran could attack a launch on Israeli soil in the next 24 to 48 hours. US leading daily Wall Street Journal posted this quoting a US official who said this citing the US intelligence reports.

Iran has been threatening Israel post that strike and has warned of severe consequences. While the latter is on high alert, the American intelligence has indicated an air strike happening soon.

In response to the Iranian warning, Netanyahu govt had said earlier that it was prepared and the former would see a strong retaliation.

Iranian leader Ali Khamenei has been provided several options to attack (or to retaliate) Israel by the guards. One of them is a direct attack on Israeli soil with sophisticated medium-range missiles.

In view of that, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has advised its citizens not to travel to Iran or Israel until further notice.

(This is a developing story)