IPL 2024: Shreyas Iyer Likely To Miss This Season

IPL 2024: As the anticipation builds for IPL 2024, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) face a potential setback with the news that their captain, Shreyas Iyer, may miss the upcoming season. This could be a major blow for KKR, especially considering Iyer’s absence in the last season of IPL. Nitish Rana took charge of the team in Iyer’s stead during the previous season, and now, the speculations surrounding Iyer’s potential absence in IPL 2024 raise questions about KKR’s captaincy.

IPL 2024 – Reasons Behind Shreyas Iyer’s Possible Absence

Shreyas Iyer is currently participating in the Ranji Trophy after a break from the Indian team. Unfortunately, he has suffered a back injury during this period, ruling him out of the quarter-finals of the Ranji Trophy 2023-24 due to back spasms. Iyer’s injury is deemed serious enough that it could extend beyond the Ranji Trophy and impact his availability for IPL 2024. This news comes as a significant blow to Kolkata Knight Riders and their fans.

Struggles with Form

Adding to the concerns is Shreyas Iyer’s recent lack of form. Despite being a part of the Indian team for an extended period, Iyer failed to make a substantial impact, not scoring a single half-century in 13 Test innings. After playing just two Test matches against England, he was rested. While initially, it was suggested that his rest was due to an extended association with the team, his performance hinted at struggles with form, ultimately leading to his exclusion.

IPL 2024 – Significance of the Ranchi Test

Currently, a 5-match test series is underway between India and England, with India leading 2-1 after three matches. The upcoming Ranchi test, starting on February 23, holds immense importance for both teams. A victory for India would secure the series, while England aims to win to stay alive in the competition. The Ranchi test will be a pivotal moment for players like Shreyas Iyer to showcase their abilities and potentially impact their future engagements, including IPL 2024.