iPhone: WhatsApp introduces three new features for iPhone users – Times of India

After being in beta stage for some time, WhatsApp Introducing new features for now iPhone the user. The latest version of WhatsApp – 22.2.75 – is now available to download for iPhone users and brings these new features to the Meta-owned instant messaging app.

new voice recording feature

WhatsApp users on iPhone can now pause and resume while recording a voice message. This feature was in beta mode for some time now but now it has been rolled out publicly. Users will now see a pause button while recording voice notes. This means users can listen to the voice note before it is actually sent. They can delete the voice note or there is also an option to resume recording. Earlier, users had the option to pause the voice recording instead of pausing it.

Now you can be sure that only select users can send messages

This feature uses focus mode Which is available with iOS 15. Now you can be sure that select users can message you even if you have turned on focus mode. For the uninitiated, Focus Mode is a feature that allows you to set your iPhone in DND mode, which means you can choose which notifications to receive. This feature was available for other apps like iMessage but is now available for WhatsApp as well. Note that you will need to update your iPhone to iOS 15 or above to use this WhatsApp feature.

View profile photo of users in notification

Till now when you used to get notification from WhatsApp, you could see only the name of the sender of the message, not the photo. With the latest update, you can view the user’s profile photo as well in the notification summary. This feature is also available for those who have upgraded to iOS 15 or later.