India’s Best Dancer contestant Varun Dagar accuses Delhi Police of assaulting him in CP | VIRAL VIDEO

India's Best Dancer contestant alleges Delhi Police
image source: INSTAGRAM/VARUN_DAGAR03 India’s Best Dancer contestant alleges assault on Delhi Police

India’s Best Dancer contestant Varun Dagar shared a video on Instagram and alleged that Delhi Police brutally thrashed him in CP. He claimed that he was assaulted by the police and parking managers without giving any reason. The dancer shared the entire incident on her social media which caught everyone’s attention. He has written in Hindi that he was forcefully removed from his place and when people questioned the police there was an uproar.

Varun Dagar wrote, ‘When the police came near B Block to take me from my spot, the parking manager also jumped and when people questioned the police, they started fighting. I was packing my luggage when the parking manager grabbed me by the collar and abused me. A policeman caught me and pulled my hair. He hit me with his elbow and punched me and dragged me into the police van. When I asked what I had done wrong, the policeman said that he would explain to me at the police station.”

“They had no right to attack me like this and I am now going to take legal action against them,” he said.

Many people supported the dancer and even actor Rajesh Tailang shared the video on his social media. He tweeted, “This is not the way to treat an artist. Shame on being a citizen of Delhi. Shame on you @DelhiPolice…Shame on you @CP_Heartofdelhi”

(India TV could not verify the claim at the time of reporting)

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