Indian Navy Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing During Routine Sortie, Crew Member Rescued

Indian Navy’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) made an emergency landing today. The helicopter had to land on the Mumbai coast following an incident during a routine sortie carried out by the aircraft. The Indian Navy shared the news on Twitter and informed that all three crew members on board the ALH were rescued by a Navy patrol craft.

An announcement by the Indian Navy read, “Indian Navy ALH on routine sortie from Mumbai ditched close to shore. Immediate search and rescue ensured the safe return of three crew members by a naval patrol craft.” ”

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It should be noted that the term ‘ditching’ is generally used to refer to an emergency landing. Along with this, an inquiry has been ordered for detailed information about the incident.

The helicopter in the incident is ALH Dhruv. It is one of the premier multi-role helicopters of the Navy and comes with a twin engine setup in the 5.5 ton weight class, and is “Type-Certified” for military operations by the Center for Military Airworthiness Certification.

more details awaited