India-Canada Row: Consular Services Extended For Indian Nationals, Know Details

Amid India-Canada diplomatic relationship soar, Consulate General of India on Friday extended the consular services for Indian nationals in Canada.

n a recent social media post, the Indian Consulate in Canada has reassured Indian nationals that consular services will continue to be provided, despite escalating tensions between India and Canada. These services include passport issuance, passport renewal, police clearance certificates, and attestation, with the consulate emphasizing its commitment to facilitating and assisting Indian citizens in Canada.

The decision to reaffirm consular services comes amidst strained relations between the two nations, stemming from allegations made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a statement made in the House of Commons, Trudeau accused Indian agents of involvement in the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, an Indian-origin Khalistani terrorist, in Canada in June.

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To address concerns related to the deteriorating situation in Canada, the Indian government issued a travel advisory earlier in the week. The advisory cautioned Indian nationals and students against traveling to Ottawa, citing a rise in hate crimes and criminal violence in the country. Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi posted the advisory on social media, highlighting the increased threats faced by Indian diplomats and sections of the Indian community in Canada who oppose vested interests.

In a separate development, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), a pro-Khalistan organization, released a video message warning Hindus in Canada to leave the country as soon as possible. In the video, SFJ’s legal counsel, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, stated, “Indo-Hindu leave Canada; go to India,” accusing them of supporting India and suppressing the speech and expression of pro-Khalistan Sikhs. Pannu also called on Sikhs to gather in Surrey, Vancouver, on October 29 to vote on whether Indian High Commissioner Verma should be held responsible for the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

It’s worth noting that Gurpatwant Singh Pannu is a prominent member of Sikhs for Justice, an organization banned in India, and was designated as a wanted terrorist in 2020. The situation reflects the complex dynamics surrounding Indian communities and the issue of Khalistan in Canada.