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Incorporate stress relief into daily life Yoga and Meditation : IG | Rail Hunt

Kolkata Incorporating yoga and meditation into daily life helps reduce stress and depression. With less stress, the employee can fulfill his duty honestly. This view was expressed by Sarat Chandra Parhi, IG cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner, Railway Protection Force, Kolkata Metro Railway.

In coordination with Prajapati Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya, Mount Abu Rajasthan, a training session was organized for RPF employees and officers on stress and depression management at Belgachia auditorium of Metro Railway. 118 officers and employees including IG cum Principal Chief Security Commissioner SC Parhi and DIG cum Chief Security Commissioner Amresh Kumar of Metro Railway RPF participated in the program.

In the training session Brahma Kumari Kiran Didi, Brahma Kumari Pinky and Brahma Kumar Vishnu senior yoga and meditation instructors explained ways to overcome stress and depression in daily life. The trainers also did some practical activities to get rid of depression in daily life. RPF IG informed the employees about leading stress free life in modern life.

He shared valuable tips to maintain a disciplined life with available resources, avoid high and unrealistic expectations. The IG said to include yoga and meditation in your daily life to reduce stress and depression. Said that when a person is free from stress, then he will be able to fulfill the duty honestly and lead a happy life with devotion.

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