IDF finds weapons in Rafah cemetery, eliminates Oct. 7 terrorist in Gaza

IDF troops of the 162nd Division and Givati Brigade operated in Eastern Rafah, the military said on Thursday. 

While carrying out activities, troops encountered terrorists who exited from a tunnel shaft and fired at the soldiers. They were subsequently shot and killed by the troops.  

The IDF also stated troops identified four terrorists who were coming out of a building. The terrorists were killed by an Israel Air Force aircraft, which also destroyed the building.

In a cemetery in Eastern Rafah, troops found launchers and numerous weapons. 

IDF finds ammunition in Rafah cemetery. May 23, 2024. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

Troops operate in Jabalya

Earlier on Thursday the military stated forces of the 162nd Division operated in the Brazil and Shvura neighborhoods of Rafah.

Soldiers of the 401st Brigade found a rocket launcher that was directed at IDF troops. In addition, during operations in the area, forces located and demolished shafts and launchers and killed terrorists.

Furthermore, an aircraft eliminated three terrorists who launched mortar shells toward forces in Rafah. 

In parallel, troops of the 98th Division carried out activities at the center of Jabalya, where they killed several Hamas terrorists while in joint operations with the air force, they targeted military buildings where weapons were stored.

Additionally, paratroopers found many weapons, among which were Kalshnikovs, grenades, and explosives.

In a different area of the Strip, forces of the 99th Division, in joint operations with the IAF, killed a leader of a terror squad in hiding and a terrorist who entered Israeli territory on October 7, among others. 

In the past day, troops identified and eliminated via air a terror squad armed with military equipment that entered a building.