Holi 2023: Top 5 Tips To Clean Your Car Post Festival Of Colours

Holi is the festival of colours, which involves a lot of fun, and after the festival, everyone has to do the tough job of cleaning almost everything. From house, clothes, wall and myself to car. After all, Indians are known to be one of the most social races in the world. So, they travel to see their loved ones even on Holi using their set of wheels. In the event, the cars get dirty and painted with colours. But getting rid of these marks and cleaning dirty seats is not easy. Along with finesse, it requires patience and the right equipment. So here are the top tips to clean your dirty car after Holi.

get in the car

Go inside with a vacuum cleaner. This way you can catch any loose dirt and paint particles in the car. Next, start by wiping down the interior with a damp cloth. Also, dashboard cleaner and polish can be used for further detailing. Now, close the door for outside washing.

start it down

The first step in cleaning the exterior of your car is to wash the body with water. Remember to use only one hose, and keep a pressure washer system away. This step will help bring down the powdered color if there is any on the surface.

shampoo body surface

Once you’ve made sure there are no loose particles on the car’s exterior, it’s time to use the shampoo. Since the colors used are usually a mixture of chemicals and natural substances, it is advised to apply a pH-neutral shampoo. Apart from this, there are car-specific shampoos also available in the market. Do not forget to clean the body from the remaining drops of water. They leave marks.

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Brushed Tires & Rims

The alloy wheels or the rim caps of the car may also get dirty with the festive colours. Therefore, they require equal attention to maintain their appeal. A soft brush can be used to clean the tires and rims and once done they can be left to dry.

wax, polish, seal

Once the car is clean, car wax should be used to seal exposed surfaces, such as scratches, nicks, or scuff marks. In fact, once the process is done on the exterior of the car, the interior should be revisited to see if it needs another coat of polish. If not, use car perfume to get rid of the smell of Holi colours.