‘Highlight social issues without insulting others’: Santhanam on Jai Bhim controversy

Actor Suriya-starrer Jai Bheem, directed by Gyanvel, premiered on Amazon Prime Video and the film received appreciation from politicians as well as industry people. Even Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin showered praises for the film, which was based on a true incident.

However, the film landed in controversy after Kaduveti Guru, the late leader of Vanniyar Sangam, was shown as a criminal in the film. Similarly, there was criticism for showing the Vanniyar symbol, the fire pit. The scene was changed after the uproar.

However, Vanniyar Sangam and Pamagavan actors continue to protest against Suriya and condemn the film. While many people in the film industry are vocally supporting Suriya, some are also commenting against him. In this case, actor Santhanam Jayapim has commented on the controversy that one can speak loudly but cannot put others down.

Santhanam starrer Sabpati will release on November 19. A press meet for the film was held in Chennai on Wednesday.

When Santhanam was asked about his opinion on the Jai Bhim controversy, he replied, “If we talk about Hindus, our voice gets louder. But when we talk about Christians, the same voices get louder.” are suppressed. Speaking is good, but we can do it without humiliating others. It is an unnecessary thing. Don’t talk in a way that hurts others. People of all religions and castes should be brought together on small screen. But sharing is almost 2 hours of watching movies.

“While you should highlight social issues, you should not belittle others. This is a completely unnecessary thing. The youth should give a good message to the society.”

He said, “Movies should be a treat for those who spend 2 hours to forget their worries and come to the theater to have some fun and relax.”

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