Have you seen the new version of AP Dhillon’s Paagal with a twist?

New Delhi: A special video linking Indo-Canadian singer AP Dhillon’s popular track ‘Insane’ with the OTT series ‘The Boys’ was released on Monday. AP Dhillon, who has perfectly explained the madness of ‘The Boys’ in the exclusive video.

Elaborating on his love for the show, AP Dhillon said, “I have been a fan of ‘The Boys’ ever since the show dropped and this season has been like no other. Never a dull moment with it. Is.”

“I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on Prime Video’s action-packed show ahead of its epic finale. Given the perfect fit with our song ‘Insane’, I know all fans of the show will appreciate the entertainment.”

The makers of the series, which saw the Season 3 finale on July 8, teamed up with AP Dhillon to celebrate Season 3 by recreating his famous song.

`The Boys` has already been renewed for Season 4 and the previous seasons are available to stream on Prime Video.

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