Gurpatwant Pannu released an edited video and claimed: SFJ Chief said – German police did not arrest Multani, cut many places in the video

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Shot of the video released by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, who ran Referendum-2020 in Punjab through SIKHS FOR JUSTICE (SFJ), has released an edited video claiming that Jaswinder Multani has not been arrested in Germany. He is at his home and is in touch with the German police.

The video has been sent to some media houses and officials. A closer look reveals that there are cuts at many places in the video. It is clear from these cuts that the video is not in continuity. At the same time, Punjab Police is talking about investigating the video.

In the video, a man is giving information about himself saying that he is Jaswinder Multani. He has not been arrested by any agency or police in Germany. It is being claimed in the 2.52-minute video that the government is doing this work to influence the voting in favor of Referendum-2020 abroad. The man claiming to be Multani also claimed that he had no hand in the blast.

Himachal also painted saffron in the map on the background

A map has been used behind Gurpatwant Singh Pannu in the video. In this, an attempt has been made to paint a part of India in saffron color to show that it is a map of Khalistan. Himachal and some part of Nepal have also been taken in this. Many meanings are being taken out of this too.

Gurpatwant Pannu seen in the video and the person who is describing himself as Multani.

Gurpatwant Pannu seen in the video and the person who is describing himself as Multani.

Question-and-answer between Gurpatwant Pannu and the person (who is calling himself Jaswinder Multani) in the video:

  • At the beginning of the video, Gurpatwant Pannu shouts and asks the other person about his well being.
  • Pannu: Tell the people of Punjab and the community where he is and what he is doing on Tuesday.
  • Second person: Today is 28th December 2021, it’s not like he has been arrested. He keeps talking to the German government. There is nothing like what is being promoted in India.
  • Pannu: There have been allegations in the Ludhiana bomb blast and what is the purpose?
  • Second person: I have no hand in Ludhiana blast. A conspiracy is being hatched to defame me. All this is happening because of our votes being cast for SFJs abroad. Trying to defame, so that people do not join.
  • At the end of the video Gurpatwant Singh Pannu says that you saw that Jaswinder Singh Multani is not in any German government or police custody. Nor has any Indian government built a ship to carry SFJ leaders who are legally campaigning for the Khalistan referendum.
Agencies have this photo of Jaswant Singh Multani.

Agencies have this photo of Jaswant Singh Multani.

Multani’s arrest claimed on December 27

After the blast in Ludhiana court on December 23, it was being said that Gagandeep Singh was in contact with terrorists sitting abroad. He was constantly talking to them. It was also said that Jaswinder Multani was arrested by the German Police on the demand of the Punjab Police. It was not confirmed that he is being brought to Punjab from abroad.

The investigation of this video is still going on

A senior officer of Punjab Police has told that one such video has come to the fore. The person who is clean shaven in this video has a beard photo with his agencies. Therefore, the video is being investigated and the central agencies are in constant touch with their officers abroad.

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