Gujarat Government Explains Decision To Allow ‘Wine and Dine’ In GIFT City

Gujarat Minister Rushikesh Patel on Saturday said that the decision by the state government to allow the consumption of liquor in hotels, restaurants and clubs offering “Wine and Dine” in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) has been taken to connect people coming for business socially.

“People from the country and the world come here for business. It becomes essential to match with their lifestyle… To connect with them socially, this decision has been taken…” the minister told ANI.

He further said, “When the PM laid the foundation of the GIFT city in Gujarat, he had a lot of ideas and he wanted Gujarat to emerge as the economic capital… The GIFT city also expanded a lot. Because of the expansion, a lot of various sectors are developing in the GIFT city.”

On Friday, the Gujarat government allowed the sale and consumption of alcohol in some form in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) area.

A Liquor Access Permit will be given to all the employees or owners working in GIFT City through which they will be able to consume liquor in hotels/restaurants/clubs offering “Wine and Dine”, the official order of the state government said.

“The true significance of this step lies in the underlying acknowledgement that alcohol is an essential part of relaxation and social bonding in the modern world. This move sends a strong signal to the world that the GIFT City is a modern liberal place, ready to do business like other major global centres,” said Vinod Giri, Director General of the confederation.

“It will not only give a major boost to the hospitality sector within the GIFT City but also attract major companies and quality workforce from across the globe. We will see a major boost to business and job opportunities post this move. It will give a fillip to the liquor industry as well as help the government to earn tax revenues. This move will go a long way in further boosting the state’s economy,” Giri added.

Talking about Bihar, which is a dry state, Giri said the stringent prohibition of alcohol consumption destroyed industry and enterprise in Bihar.

Source – ANI

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