Government has taken CAG’s concerns on fiscal deficit in right spirit: PM Modi on first audit day

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday inaugurated a statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at the CAG office on the occasion of the first audit day. Addressing the event, PM Modi highlighted how the CAG has been an important part of the country for generations.

PM Modi said, “There are very few institutions which become stronger, more mature and more relevant with the passage of time. Most of the institutions lose relevance after a few decades. But CAG is a legacy and every generation should cherish it.” It’s a big responsibility.” ,

Speaking at the Audit Day event of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, he said that in the past information was disseminated in the form of stories.

“History was written through stories. But in the 21st century, data is information and in times to come our history will be seen and understood using data. In future, data will determine history,” he said.

He listed reforms such as contactless customs, automatic renewal, faceless assessment and online application for service delivery, which have eliminated unnecessary government intervention.

“When transparency is brought in the system, the results are visible,” he said, adding that India is the world’s third largest ecosystem for startups and already has 50 unicorns.

He said that the documents, data and files sought by the National Auditor, CAG, should be provided by the government departments.

Will make the robust, scientific audit system robust and transparent, he said, adding that his government has taken the CAG’s concerns on fiscal deficit and state spending in the right spirit.

Appreciating the CAG’s new practice of sharing preliminary findings with the government departments before initiating the field audit, he said that a combination of the two would yield better results.

The PM also said that the Center took bold decisions to monetise unused and underutilized elements. “As a result of those decisions, we have a revitalized economy – one that is being discussed and welcomed around the world,” he added.

Appreciating the CAG and stating its importance in the functioning of the government, PM Modi said, “While assessing the work of the government, the CAG has the advantage of an outside perspective. Whatever you tell us, we will follow it.” With help we make systematic improvements, we see it as collaboration.”

Taking a jibe at the previous governments, PM Modi said that there was a time when audits were looked upon with suspicion and fear. CAG vs Govt has become the common mindset of our system. Sometimes the officials thought that the CAG saw flaws in everything. But today the mindset has changed. Today audit is considered as an important part of value addition.

The PM said, “But we presented the reality of the previous governments, the real situation, honestly before the country. We will be able to find solutions only after identifying the problems.

The Prime Minister then said that earlier the lack of transparency in the country’s banking sector led to various practices. As a result, the NPAs of the banks kept on increasing. “You already know very well the work done to eliminate NPAs,” the PM said.

He further said that data is information and it will guide history in future as he encouraged for robust and scientific audits to make the system robust and transparent.