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Find My device needs better security to avoid misuse and we might see it soon.

Find My device needs better security to avoid misuse and we might see it soon.

Google is going to bring additional security for the device tracking feature which should prevent its misuse in case you lose the device.

Google’s Find My Device App on Android was launched with the sole purpose of helping users find their lost or misplaced devices. But with the new introduction of the new Find My Device Network, users might soon get the Android trackers, which will make it easier to track tagged objects like – your car keys, Laptops, Bags, Wallets, Luggage and more. Google is planning to launch its trackers to compete against Apple’s previously launched AirTags.

According to Android Authority, users can keep track of their tagged items via the Find My Device App on their Android Devices. But there’s a problem with the app i.e. by default it requires the user to enter their Google password every time they open it which might irritate some users. However, there was an option for ‘Don’t ask again’ to avoid the need to enter the password, but there was a limitation, that anyone who has access to your phone will be able to access the Find My Device feature.

But now, Android users might be getting a big relief from that, as the tech giant is planning to give the app two major security updates soon. The updated Find My Device App will allow users to log in using their biometrics (Fingerprint or Facial Recognition), making it easier to access for all users.

Biometric locks provide an extra layer of security to your devices. This means that if anyone gets access to your unlocked Android phone, they will still not be able to access the Find My Device App on your smartphone. However, Google has still not announced on which Android version the new update will roll out.

The report says another big update coming for the Find My Device is the remote unlock feature which allows users to lock their device just by using their phone number and quick security challenge.

As per the report, the remote unlock feature will be available for devices running on Android 10 or above and is expected to roll out by the end of this year. These trackers could be a useful feature for those who tend to misplace their belongings too often.

Google last updated its Find My Device App in April this year, that brought new feature of tracking phones even when they are switched off or even if the phone battery dies which was available for Android version 9 users or above.