Google Claims Android Smartphones Will Be Safer in 2023: Here’s How

Last Update: March 09, 2023, 14:51 IST

Play Store gives better control to developers

Play Store gives better control to developers

The Play Store keeps getting more security features but Google says 2023 will see better results.

Google continues to make Android secure but regular incidents related to malware show that there is still a lot of work to be done. And in 2023, the company says it has made it its mission to make both Android and the Google Play Store safer for users. The app ecosystem is highly attractive to developers as well as attackers.

So it is imperative that Google tightens up the processes for the Play Store and one way to do that is by getting developers more involved on the security front. Android is the platform you have the Play Store on and the mobile operating system is part of Google’s focus this year to make it a more ‘private mobile ecosystem’.

Google says that the Play Store data protection section will be improved and made more transparent so that you can know how developers collect, share and even protect your data. The increased focus on user security also falls behind developer demands to bring Web 3.0 tools, digital assets like NFTs, into apps and games on Android.

Google also wants to offer better support for its developers, who are advised to use a better and more reliable software developer kit (SDK). Developers will now have a better channel to connect with SDK providers and share any issues with their tools through the Play Console and Android Studio, Google states.

Android has a long way to go before becoming a serious player on the security front like iOS. Google claims that its Play Store security measures have been improved, and alerted them to malware, but the company knows that attackers continue to evolve and that zero-day vulnerabilities are harder to detect, for which it Uses Project Zero and other bug hunters.

We agree that Android could be more secure, but its fragmentation worries us, and eventually Google will have to find a common way to make its way across all versions.

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