Gong Yoo To Transform Into AI Character For K-Drama Wonderland? – News18

Wonderland is scheduled to premiere on June 5. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Wonderland is scheduled to premiere on June 5. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In Wonderland, Gong Yoo will reportedly take on the character of AI Sung Joon.

Popular Korean actor Gong Yoo is all set to make a special appearance in the upcoming film Wonderland. Wonderland centers around the concept of a service, which allows users to reconnect with their deceased loved ones through AI-generated video calls. The film boasts an impressive cast including Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo Gum, Jung Yu Mi and Choi Woo Shik, as per a report in Soompi. In Wonderland, Gong Yoo takes on the character of AI Sung Joon. He is tasked with communicating with the planners of the Wonderland service while also observing the emotional development of AI Bai Li (played by Tang Wei), who has been recreated as an archaeologist through the service.

Director Kim Tae Yong drew inspiration from his encounter with Gong Yoo when crafting the character of Sung Joon. Kim emphasised that Gong Yoo’s innate warmth, thoughtfulness and ability to exude both coolness and warmth made him the perfect choice for the role.

Talking about the character, he said, “Since he is an AI character that carries out the task of managing the AI within Wonderland while also being a friend, he needed to be both cool yet warm, and there was no other actor like Gong Yoo [for the role]. He is warmhearted and thoughtful, and he is an actor with romantic tension,” as reported by Soompi.

Tang Wei, Gong Yoo’s co-star in the film, also praised his English proficiency, highlighting the smooth communication and enjoyable filming experience they shared. She also expressed a sense of camaraderie with Gong Yoo, further fueling anticipation for their on-screen chemistry.

“I didn’t feel a language barrier thanks to Gong Yoo’s English skills. I had such an enjoyable time while filming, and I felt a sense of brotherhood,” he reportedly explained.

Wonderland is scheduled to premiere on June 5, promising audiences a captivating narrative and stellar performances from its talented ensemble cast.

Gong Yoo is renowned for his roles in acclaimed works such as Train to Busan, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, The Age of Shadows and more. The actor further garnered a lot of international attention through his special cameo in the popular thriller series Squid Game on Netflix.