“German Influencer’s Taj Mahal Dance Viral Video:’Felt like A Price’

Well-known German TikToker Noel Robinson has amazed his Indian followers with his remarkable dancing skills. She won many fans on social media by dancing with police officer Amol Kamble or with children on the street. His latest video, filmed outside the iconic Taj Mahal, went viral and received many accolades. 

In a short clip posted on Instagram, she truly embraces Indian culture. The German influencer is seen wearing a maroon kurta and white pajama, crooning to Kuldeep Manak’s upbeat song ‘Jind Kadh Ke‘. His dance moves caught the attention of many spectators who smiled and appreciated the man.

“Felt like a prince! Colorful information about the iconic Taj Mahal” reads the viral reel’s caption.

Since sharing, the clip has garnered over four million likes and over seven million views on social media.

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Here’s How People Reacted: 

Bro having a great time in India, said the user. 

Another wrote: “He looks like a happy white boy with dimples

One person added: You look good in that Indian dress

 We need to get him an Aadhaar card, said a fourth user. 

One user added: Bro’s whole career depends on this song alone 

Bro visited India, Bro is now officially an Indian, commented one Instagram user. 

You bring much-needed joy to the world. Blessings, the user added.

One person wrote: You look very good in this Indian dress.

Another added: Brother, come to South India, I want to meet you and dance with you.

We need to get him an Aadhaar card and post a third.

A fourth commented: “One of the happiest people on Instagram.

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