Gaza: VP Harris Calls For ‘Immediate Ceasefire

Vice President Kamala Harris has issued a compelling call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, highlighting the profound humanitarian catastrophe resulting from the ongoing Israel-Hamas War. Speaking passionately in Selma, Alabama, Harris emphasized the pressing need for a ceasefire, urging at least a six-week pause in the hostilities. Her remarks stand out as the most direct and pointed statement from any member of the Biden administration on the urgency of halting the conflict in Gaza.

President Joe Biden faces increasing pressure to demand a ceasefire in the protracted five-month war, triggered by the storming of southern Israel by Hamas militants on October 7. The conflict has claimed the lives of around 1,200 people and led to the abduction of 250 others. Over 30,000 Palestinians have lost their lives during this prolonged war, amplifying the dire need for intervention.

In Selma, Harris also called on Israel to intensify efforts to enhance the flow of humanitarian aid into the beleaguered Gaza Strip. The Vice President, marking the 59th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, drew a poignant parallel between the brutal actions of state troopers against peaceful civil rights marchers in Alabama and the harsh conditions faced by the people of Gaza.

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Acknowledging the inhumane circumstances, Harris underscored the collective responsibility to take action while maintaining the necessity of addressing the threat that Hamas poses to Israel. The Biden administration revealed that Israel has essentially accepted a proposed six-week ceasefire, involving the release of hostages. However, Hamas has yet to provide its consent to the outlined terms of the agreement.

As the situation in Gaza worsens, the U.S. initiated airdrops of humanitarian aid over the weekend. U.S. Air Force C-130 cargo planes, in collaboration with Jordan’s air force, conducted a two-hour mission, dropping over 38,000 meals along Gaza’s coastline. These airdrops aim to facilitate civilian access to critical aid while mitigating challenges associated with ground deliveries, such as looting. Biden aims to secure a ceasefire deal by the commencement of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on March 10, underscoring the urgency of international intervention in this escalating crisis.