Gabbar Singh’s Brave Words, ‘I Am Senior-Most… I Will Be Last To Come Out’

Late on Tuesday, the rescue of 41 workers from the collapsed Uttarakhand tunnel brought an end to their grueling 17-day ordeal below the surface. The circumstances tested their resilience, with Gabbar Singh Negi, a man with a unique history, emerging as a pillar of strength during the crisis. Born 260 km away in Pauri Garhwal district, Negi had previously been in three collapsed tunnels.

During the 400+ hours spent buried nearly 200 feet below the ground, Mr. Negi played a pivotal role. He engaged his fellow workers in yoga and meditation, ensuring their physical and mental well-being. His commitment to their safety was unwavering, as he reassured them that he would be the last to be rescued.

Relaying his brother’s words, Jaymal Singh Negi, visibly relieved, shared, “‘I am senior-most… I will be the last to come out…’, this is what he told me.” This reassuring statement came hours after all 41 men were rescued and underwent extensive medical evaluations to ensure their well-being.

The survival of all 41 individuals, with minimal injuries and beaming smiles upon their rescue, owes much to Gabbar Negi’s efforts in maintaining control in what could have been a catastrophic situation. Jaymal Negi expressed profound relief, saying, “I am very happy… the family is very happy. Not just the family but the whole country… the whole country prayed for them. When they came out and we saw they were safe, we distributed sweets and garlands.”

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Jaymal Negi shared insights into his brother’s courageous acts and leadership qualities. “He is very brave. When I asked him if there will be a stampede when the rescue starts, he told me, ‘I am senior, I will be last’.” He highlighted his brother’s organizational skills, mentioning a list that Mr. Negi had prepared, ensuring order during the rescue process.

Numerous rescued workers praised Mr. Negi’s role, citing his efforts in keeping them safe and cheerful, engaging in games like ludo, chess, and even “chor police”. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, commended Negi’s bravery and leadership. During his telephone conversation with the rescued workers, Modi expressed his relief and acknowledged, “It is a matter of happiness for me… I cannot express it in words.”

The rescue, accomplished by “rat hole” miners after high-tech drilling machines failed, freed the workers from the final 10-12 meters of rock and debris, marking the end of their harrowing ordeal.

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