G20 मीटिंग के बीच बम की कॉल: चंडीगढ़ पुलिस में मचा हड़कंप; बम डिस्पोजल टीम पहुंची; आसपास का इलाका कराया खाली

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During the G20 meeting in Chandigarh, a bomb call was received at an SCO in Sector-26, a few kilometers away from Hotel Lalit in Manimajra. Please inform that delegates from many countries have arrived at Hotel Lalit to attend the 2-day meeting. At the same time, Union Agriculture Minister is also present in Chandigarh.

PCR of Chandigarh Police reached the spot after getting information

PCR of Chandigarh Police reached the spot after getting information

The manager of Sector-26’s ASOD club was informed about this explosive (bomb). Bomb squad, fire brigade and police station immediately reached the spot. The search was started by immediately evacuating the surrounding area. However nothing was found here. On the other hand, the Chandigarh Police has said that an FIR has been registered for making fake calls regarding explosives.

Threatened to explode at 1 o’clock
Earlier, before the Republic Day, the police had received fake information about a bomb being planted in the District Court of Sector 43. A letter informing about the bomb was found at Chandigarh’s District Court, Sector 43 Bus Stand and Panchkula Court. It was said that this bomb is in a car, which will explode at 1 o’clock. A heavy police force had reached the spot. The entire complex at the Chandigarh district court was vacated and sealed. Commandos of Operation Cell, Dog Squad, Bomb Disposal Team and Reserve Force reached the court.

Fire brigade vehicles were also present there. Chandigarh’s bus stand is also at a short distance from the place where the police search operation took place in Sector-43. There also a police search operation was conducted. After several hours of search, a tiffin and bottle were found on the second floor of the court complex. Army’s bomb disposal team was called from Chandimandir to investigate. Although food was found in Tiffin.

Bomb shell was found away from Maan’s Kothi
Earlier this month, the Army had accompanied its unit to defuse a bomb shell found in a mango orchard at Rajindra Park, Sector 2, near CM Helipad in Chandigarh. The bomb shell was robotically examined. Earlier it was decided that it would be defused here. Later, the army officers changed the decision citing technical reasons and safely left for Chandimandir with the bomb in a gypsy.

Panic spread last year as well
Let us inform that earlier in April last year, RDX was found near the wall of Chandigarh Burail Jail. This raised questions on the security of the jail. Army’s bomb disposal team was first called from Chandimandir to defuse this RDX. And after that the NSG team from Manesar reached the next day. After a long time it was defused with the help of a robot. This mobile phone and another detonator were found on April 28 on a thorough investigation. On April 23, police found tiffins, detonators and burning codex wire near the jail wall.

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