From Footpath To Becoming A Millionaire: Who Is Raja Naik, Sold Shirts On Road, Is Owner Of Several Enterprises Worth Crores Today

Start with what you have now and work your way up from there to achieve something greater! Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Raja Nayak followed this precise strategy to scale the success ladder. Raja’s journey from selling export reject shirts on the footpath to becoming a successful entrepreneur and registering a revenue of over Rs 60 crore, is absolutely astounding. His chances of getting a good job were limited because he was born into a poor household and was unable to pursue formal schooling. Despite these challenges, Raja Nayak built a life for himself with his lofty dreams and sheer grit and determination. 

Who Is Raja Nayak?

Raja Nayak is a Bengaluru-based entrepreneur with millions of turnover from his various ventures, including MCS Logistics, Akshay Enterprises, Jala Beverages, Purple Haze wellness space, and Nutri Planet. He also runs educational institutions for the underprivileged sections of society. Raja Nayak also serves as president of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DICCI) in Karnataka.

The Story Of Raja Nayak’s Struggle

Raja Nayak was born in Bengaluru to Dalit villagers. His parents were financially unsound and so he could not pursue higher education. His father did not have a steady income and his mother struggled to make ends meet. Due to financial constraints, Raja had to drop out of school. 

At the age of 17, Raja Nayak fled his house. He traveled to Mumbai but returned home after failing to find satisfactory employment. For several days, Raja was without a job and money. He then decided to sell shirts on the footpath with his friend. He got some money from his mother that she had saved. Raja bought export reject shirts and started selling them on the footpath with his friend. He began working day and night, and with his hard work and dedication, he turned his small shop on the footpath into a well-run enterprise.

Raja Nayak Eventually Tastes Success

An ambitious Raja Nayak wanted to make it big in the realm of business. It was difficult to nurture an ambition in the face of so much uncertainty, but Raja Nayak was unstoppable! He had to overcome several obstacles, but fortunately, his business gambles paid off. He increased his operation in a number of ways to grow his business. From his footpath shirt business, he started the Kolhapuri chappals and footwear business. He then ventured into the real estate business and later launched the bottled drinking water venture Jala Beverages. The business list goes on, but the story of Raja Nayak teaches us that if a person has an ambition, he can change his destiny with his own hands.