‘Free Travel For Women In Karnataka’: Rahul Gandhi Announces Another Poll ‘Guarantee’

New Delhi: In a major poll promise ahead of the Karnataka assembly elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday announced that free bus service will be provided to women as soon as the Congress party comes to power in the state. He also attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party for “stealing” the people’s mandate and took a dig at the party with allegations of “40 per cent” corruption.

Addressing a public meeting in Mangalore on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘We had already made four promises. Now I am adding one more promise to it. After the formation of our government, women will get freedom from the first day. bus services”. “While it was BJP’s job to snatch 40 per cent money from the women of Karnataka, our job is to give back the state’s money to women,” she said.

Rahul accused BJP of stealing people’s mandate

He accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of “stealing” the mandate given by the people after the elections. “The BJP government was not formed by your votes. BJP has stolen the mandate by buying MLAs with corruption money. They have destroyed the Constitution. They (BJP) steal everything from sugar mills to MLAs. BJP Power is asking.” Giving a golden future to the people. But they themselves have been in power for three years, what have they done?” he said.

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The former MP said, “Do you want a 40 per cent government in the state, where the party leaders themselves talk of buying MLAs? The Karnataka Association also wrote to the Prime Minister, but did not even receive their letter as there were MLAs.” ” The allegation of 40 per cent commission, the son of a BJP MLA was also caught red-handed with the money.

“On one side there is scam after scam, and on the other, there is inflation. Petrol Rs 90, gas Rs 1100. With GST they ruined small businesses. Today youth don’t have jobs. 90 lakh small under BJP rule Companies closed down in 2015. 1.6 lakh crore people lost their jobs. This is the development of BJP.

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The former Congress president further alleged that he was disqualified from Parliament because he “asked questions on corruption”. “When I asked questions on corruption issues, I was disqualified from the Parliament. I had asked a question to the Prime Minister, I had asked about the relationship between PM Modi and Adani. I had asked whose money is out Investing in shell companies.” India,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi was disqualified from the Lok Sabha due to his remarks about the surname ‘Modi’ while addressing a campaign event ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. At a rally in Kolar, Karnataka in April 2019, Rahul took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, “How come all thieves have the surname Modi?”

Following his conviction, Rahul was disqualified as an MP on 24 March, in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling in 2013. Under the ruling, any MP or MLA convicted and sentenced to two years or more is automatically disqualified. On 29 March, the Election Commission of India announced the schedule for the Karnataka elections. Voting for the 224-seat assembly is to be held on May 10 and the counting of votes will take place on May 13.