Former Vice President’s reply to BJP’s allegation: Never met Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza, BJP spokesperson lying: Hamid Ansari

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  • Former Vice President Hamid Ansari in controversy over Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza

12 minutes ago

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Former Vice President Hamid Ansari has issued a statement on the allegations of BJP. Ansari said that he never invited a Pakistani journalist. It is known to all that the list of foreign dignitaries whom the Vice President sends invitations is prepared by the government itself. He also said that he never met a Pakistani journalist. Media and BJP are accusing me of lies.

BJP’s allegation – called the journalist 5 times
Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia had alleged that Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza had revealed that the then Vice President Hamid Ansari had invited her to India five times. Ansari gave sensitive and confidential information to Mirza when he was on a visit to India. The information received was used against India, as well as shared with ISI.

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