Former Congress MP Lauded For Dancing Skills at Ram Mandir

Following the inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, numerous artists are actively participating in ‘Rag Seva’. The temple was consecrated on January 22nd, and four days later, the Rag Seva for Ramlala commenced on January 26th. This musical offering will continue in Ramlala’s court for 48 days. Renowned former Congress MP and actress have also taken part in the Rag Seva, with viral footage showcasing their involvement.

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Dance Performance At Ram Mandir

Vyjayanthimala, a 90-year-old actress, presented Rag Seva at the Ram Lalla temple, showcasing her Bharatnatyam skills. Her graceful dance performance at such an age has left people amazed, with numerous videos and images circulating on social media.

Renowned singer Malini Awasthi shared one such video, expressing how art attains the pinnacle of devotion. She highlighted Vyjayanthimala’s dance at 90, participating in Ramlala’s Rag Seva in Ayodhya, as a testament to the spiritual essence of Indian art. This manifestation of joy through artistic devotion embodies the profound cultural heritage of India, evoking sentiments of spiritual elevation and longevity for such traditions.

Numerous photos of Vyjayanthimala have surfaced on the official platform, garnering attention. People across social media platforms are sharing videos of her dance performance and expressing their reactions.

Public Reaction On The Viral Video

One social media user pondered about a leader who once dismissed the existence of Ram in India, mentioning her tenure as a Congress MP. They marveled at her dedication to Bharatnatyam in Ayodhya, despite her age of 90. Another commenter remarked on her seemingly age-defying performance, attributing a shift in sentiments to the completion of the Ram temple.

Vyjayanthimala is a renowned actress, dancer, and dance instructor in the country. Her fame and stature surpass contemporary concerns of actors and actresses. She ventured into politics in 1984, contesting and winning the Lok Sabha seat from South Madras (Chennai) as a Congress candidate.

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